30 Things

I turn 30 next December, and I have decided to do a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30.  Kind of like a bucket list but hopefully I don’t kick the bucket before I turn 30.  There is no particular order to this list.

1. Loose 10 pounds.

2. Lose 20 pounds.

3. Read 15 books.0

4. Complete 1 round of 30 day shred.

5. Blog more.

6. Complete c25K program.

7. Go on a date.

8. Scrapbook more

9. More crafts.

10. put 10 dollars a week away every payday.

11. Put 100 dollars away for every 1o pounds lost.

12. Try 1o new recipes – blog about them.

13. Join, and complete Nanowrimo 2012.

14.  Stay off Facebook for a month.

15. Spend more time outside.

16. Plant my first garden.

17.  Eat produce from said garden.

18. Lose 30 pounds.

19. Take more photos.

20. Do 10 real push ups.

21. Do 20 real push ups.

22. Try new hobby.

23. Start novel.

24. Get organized.

25.  Do 20 Sit ups

26. Do 40 real push ups

27. smile more.

28. Get out there.

29. Make a new friend.

30. Set up a budget and stick to it.

  1. I think you can acheive ALL of this!!!

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