About me…

I am a 20 something (ok so closer to 30 than 20) that really has no idea what I want to be when I grow up, I am torn between superhero or crazy cat lady except cats don’t like me so I will probably end up being the crazy dog lady or some shit like that.

I am knowledgable in pretty much all things Zombie, Vampire (real vampire you know the ones that will rip your throat out and cannot come out during the day, not the fake sparkling kind) , and completely useless crap.  So if we are ever stuck in a zombie apocalypse or  vampires take over the world or both I got you covered.   I will also be able to tell you totally random and useless information that will most likely distract you and you will end up dead, before you know it.  For this I apologize and am going to tell you I have given you plenty of warning that this could happen.

I do not have a favorite book, or author, or movie, or music or artist.  I love books of the paranormal/fantasy variety, true crime and horror.  I love ridiculous horror movies  and indie rom-com.  If you picked my iPod up you would probably end up in a corner confused and crying because there is stuff from  little kid music – really heavy thrash metal on it, and yes I do listen to it ALL.

I have an irrational fear of clowns, and the dark, but mostly clowns.  I have panic attacks in the presence of  them, Halloween is a horrible time of year for panic attacks.   All that aside Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, that and Christmas.

I am single, and I do not have any tiny humans.  Tiny humans scare me unless they are my minions, but good minions are hard to find.    I am on a mission to discover who I am before I turn 30, or at least figure out what direction I should be going in.

I asked a friend what the best way to describe me was one time and they said “You are slightly crazy, mostly fun, a little random and I think you are trying to   slowly take over the world with out anyone noticing.”

I then asked my mother to describe me one time and she told me she didn’t have time.  Than I asked her to use one word because I needed to know and she said “weird.”  I took it as a compliment and said thank you, she looked at me and said, yup weird.  Apparently this was not the response I should have given.


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