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So, its October…

Which got me to thinking about Halloween.

Have you ever trick-or-treated in the snow? I have. It fucking sucks, and by sucks I mean I would rather cut my arm off and beat myself to death than walk through snow to get candy from strangers. Did I do it growing up? Oh yes I did, who wouldn’t now I think about it, I was stupid.

I remember being a kid, and seeing all the amazing costumes for girls – princess’, fairies, witches etc. All of which were cute, and dressy, and would not fit over a damn snow suit – unless you bought one that was 500 sizes to big, and then you couldn’t wear it to school because you will trip and injure yourself because of the size. I was a pretty lucky kid, my mom made majority of my costumes – something that I have continued to do into my adult life. The reason my mom made my costume every year was pretty different from why I do it now. I do it now because I am cheap and recycling costumes is easier than paying almost 100 bucks a pop every year, when I was a kid it was because finding a costume that was cute, and fit over top of a snow suit was nearly impossible. We always did have cute costumes – in fact one of the costumes she made is still being used by younger family members (it is almost 28 years old).

I had a friend that always went trick-or-treating with us, she usually went as a cat, and she almost always tripped over her tail at least once a year. It is one of my fondest memories, I am kind of a sadistic person, but seriously – would you continually go as a cat, even if you knew the outcome was going to be that you tripped, fell, cried and then got up after being left behind? I know I probably wouldn’t, the costume was bad ass but it was a danger (If you are said friend reading this, please do not hate me for putting this in here)

This year I am going as pregnant zombie, with a zombie baby – yeah it’s going to be sick as shit… that is, if I can find a place to wear it – I won’t wear it to hand out candy, I would totally scare little kids and that wouldn’t be awesome.

My 6-year-old niece is going trick-or-treating as a witch, her costume is adorable, it has lights (my costumes never had lights – I think my mom was holding out on me). It is store-bought, because she wanted it and there is no way in hell I could ever make anything this cool, and her father cannot sew worth a damn. It will more than likely NOT fit over a snow suit – I have told her this and she told me “well I guess I will just have to suck it up then huh?” The whole time she is telling me this I am thinking “this kid has no idea what she is talking about.” Granted she is 6, and this is only her 6th Halloween, if it snows and she goes out with out a jacket under that costume she will totally be my hero, and will remain my hero until the day she dies because growing up here I know Halloween can be a bitch, especially if there is snow on the ground.