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And then everything went black…

If you took the time to ready my about me page than you will already know this, but if not go take a look, I will wait… No seriously, I will. 

Ok welcome back, so as I was saying, if you took the time to read that page, at the bottom there was a part that said I had a friend that described me as ““You are slightly crazy, mostly fun, a little random and I think you are trying to  slowly take over the world with out anyone noticing.””   A description which is mostly true, I am slightly crazy (not joking about that), a little random – well a lot random,  and I think I am mostly fun; sometimes the fuck-its happen and then I am less fun.  I am also trying to take over the world without anyone noticing.  Its not something I talk about a lot – I often imagine that Pinky and the Brain were modeled after me, except I don’t have an awesome sidekick like Pinky.   I digress, there is a point to this.

On Sunday night I was on my way to drop my niece off at her place and while sitting at a light all the lights went out, no big deal, except it was because her dad just moved and I had no clue where the hell I was going – well  I did but I had to read house numbers, in the dark.  I can see squat in the dark – seriously, might as well put a mask on me and point me in the direction I need to go, it will be that productive.  So while we are driving my niece (she is 6) is looking for their house number,  as I drive by she yells “THERE IT IS!!!!”  Que skidding stop and I slide down the block because its like a fucking skating rink everywhere.  We get home and are greeted by a flashlight so we can see where the hell we are walking, their sidewalk – much like the street leaves little to be desired and I am a clutz so walking was incredibly interesting.  The power was only off for maybe 20 minutes so it wasn’t a big deal. 

This was me last night

Last night however; the power went out at 5:30pm, where I live that means its DARK.  I stumbled through my house looking for a mitten, trying to download a flashlight onto my phone – now most people have candles, I usually do but I am in the middle of packing an entire house and my candles got packed because I did NOT expect the power to go off.  Also,  I only have one candle left and its a tea light, not like I can walk around holding it  (all my candle holders are home-made and are not meant to be carried.)  We finally got everything straightened out and went over to her place, well their power was on, as was half of the cres that I live on.  The gym however; had NO  power, so I couldn’t even go work out.  The power was off until 7 I think, I don’t really know because after I dropped my niece off I went shopping, and when I got home the power was back on.

Fast-forward to today, I am sitting at work, just finished my lunch, started working on some paper work and BAM power goes off.  I work in a shop, that has crap lighting to start with, my office has windows – both face into the shop – yeah doesn’t make sense to me either.   Well I turn on my flashlight and sit in the dark, manager man comes in and makes me go to the coverall (a tent like building) and stand there its cold out – so I was not happy about it, until I discovered people hiding in the shipping office, I joined them. The power was only out for 45 minutes, I text a friend of mine to see if they had power and he goes “you know, I think people may start noticing you plan to take over the world if you keep making the power go out everywhere you are.”  I kind of laughed to myself because while I may be trying to take over the world, I would not start by making the power go off, that would be useless, especially since its always my power that is going off.