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The Lion King, and I….

Last night I took my 6 year old niece to see Disney’s The Lion King 3D. Now its a little known fact that I am a Disney freak, I love the movies. I own all of the old ones on VHS, my niece owns them on DVD, but she apperantly has never seen the Lion King, turns out she only has The Lion King 1 and a half or w/e it is.

So we went. I go to a movie theater about once a year – the reason? The price for one (It cost us 27 dollars for 1 child and 1 adult), and crowds, I hate crowds, but I figured we would go during the middle of the week and hopefully the crowds would be minimal (I was right the theater was dotted with people), sounds nice right? WRONG!!! It was nice for the first 15 minutes of the movie.

When I go to movies that are directed at children, I expect chatter – little kids can’t really help it most of the time so I give them a break. BUT 15 minutes into last nights movie, some woman drank her kids soda and the kid started screaming, and not a little bit but at the top of its fucking lungs. I sighed and tried to ignore the screaming monster, but was not happy as she did nothing but hiss and grab at the kids arm. I get that she paid to see this movie, and that she had every right to stay in the theater but COME ON. When my 6 year old niece sighs and goes “some people are so rude.” don’t you think there is a problem? The lady in front of me went out and got an usher, so I didn’t say anything.

Fastforward, about 20 more minutes and this same little kid goes “bye mom!” really loud and runs away, rather than getting up off her chair to catch the little monster she stays in her chair and litereally yelled at the kid “YOU GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!!!” and then “DO NOT MAKE ME GET OUT OF THIS CHAIR!!” Really lady??? Really??? Shortly after that statement little monster ran through the isle I was sitting in and stepped on my toe, hit my nieces popcorn out of her hands and then did it again on its way back out. This little monster did it 2 more times in 2 different rows. Again a person went and got the usher, and the woman was given a second warning. By this time I would have walked out of the theater embarassed that my child did this – scratch that, I would have never taken this child to the theater, chances are they don’t sit through an entire movie at home, why would they in public?

After this last little debacle everything seemed to be going very quiet, the kid finally shut up and sat down and didn’t move again (I think maybe the mother tied it in its chair). I went back to enjoying the show, and then…FLASH… no it didn’t just happen, I must be imagining things. No, it did happen, that was a camera flash in the middle of the dark theater!! Some ridiculous woman was taking pictures of 2 little girls who were standing in the isle leaning over chairs watching the movie. This happend 15 times consecutivly before an usher walked in and caught her recording the movie – seriously people still do this? And to be so blatent? Plus the movie is in 3D, it wont translate well through a basic digital camera will it? I digress, she was escorted out of the theater leaving her children with someone else they came with. Whatever happened/happens to her I really do not care – she interuppted my viewing with her compulsive flashing.

TextThe movie was almost over (it was at the point where Timon and Pumba are doing their luau thing.) And a woman from the same party as camera lady starts texting. Now I am a texting wizard, I wore a phone out from texting, but in a theater that I paid 27 dollars to get into my phone stays in my pocket/purse, because I do not need the distraction. Plus it cannot be that important if they are texting me, even if you call me I will not answer it will sit in silence, or on vibrate until after the movie.

There should be some rule that if you talk/text/interrupt others you get banned from the theater or something because honestly when little kids think you are rude, there is a serious problem.  Had it been little kid chatter it would not have even bothered me but it was adults that were annoying the hell out of me, these are people who are supposed to set an example for the tiny humans they brought, all they are teaching them to do is be rude and annoying.

All issues with the patrons in the theater aside.  I did enjoy the show, as much as I did when I was 12 and it came out for the first time.  My niece enjoyed the show, told me I was the coolest aunty EVER,  and kept trying to pick the flowers and other random items that appeared to be popping out of the screen at us.  If you have the chance to see it in 3D I would suggest to see it, and take you children/nieces/nephews/cousins/neighbors whatever too, but please leave your damn cameras and phones at home, in your vehicle, or in your purses/pockets.