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Writers block…

I apologize for not writing sooner, I have come into a major writers block, and by major I mean every time I sit down to write something I sit staring at the computer staring a blinking cursor for hours and then closing the window because there is nothing there.  Nothing, as in a deep dark cavern where all my creative thoughts have disappeared into. Even my NaNoWriMo has come to a screeching halt, it went better than last year – this year I got 5000 words, rather tn zero but still it is an incomplete.

I am still suffering writers block but so I am going to share the end result of my newest tattoo.

Here she is…  She is complete, and has been since November 1, I could have shared her earlier but it kind of slipped my mind.

This picture was taken about 5 minutes after it was complete so its half healed (the half I shared earlier, was pretty much healed).  To date she is my favorite tattoo, I mean I love all my tattoos, obviously or they wouldn’t be there but this one combines so many of my loves, books, pin-up and zombies.  The words at the bottom come from one of my favorite songs , it is old, it showed up on the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack but to date it is the one song that I always sing out loud do – no matter where I am, or who is with me.  Not only is is my favorite song but it also serves as a reminder and as vain as this is, it reminds me when I am at my lowest point or having a bad day that I am a pretty piece of flesh.  Everyone is in their own way and sometimes a visual reminder helps.   It is also just fits the tattoo, you know, zombies love flesh and all.

The artist took my idea and made it 100 times better than I had ever imagined.  I fully trusted she would but the tattoo has exceeded all of my expectations and then some.


Newest Tattoo

Yesterday I got a tattoo. It was my 8th tattoo, and I believe it is the biggest out of all my tattoo (although my fairy may be the same size – it’s on my back I don’t see it).

This tattoo incorporated pretty much everything I love, pin-up girls, zombies and books. These are 3 things I am passionate about, a good book can be read in less than a day if I actually sit and read and don’t get all ADHD with shit, pin-up girls are class yet very sexy and zombies – well lets just say if there is ever a zombie apocalypse I will be one of few survivors.

So as I sit to get the tattoo, the artist is like “fuck this is the coolest shit ever!” she places the stencil on my arm, I check it out and BAM instant love – seriously. I just want to sit and stare at it all day that is how awesome it is. We got to talking as I find out that not only is she incredibly cool (Something I already knew) but she too loves zombies and pin-up girls and books as well – total win!

The session was 5 hours and we got almost all of the thing done, except her skin, some minor details and a bit of a background. So without further delay, here is my most recent tattoo ( the pics are blurry, and really do no justice to the thing. I will get better ones soon):
first view
2nd view