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I love my mom

I love my mom. This is a statement that most people say everyday, and with out a doubt they mean it. But I love my mom for so many reasons.
1. She is the strongest person I know – she restarted her life at 45 by going back to school and getting 2 different degrees so she could support my two younger brothers when her and my dad split up.
2. She has a pretty good sense of humor; although she does have many of the same personality traits that Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory has (she has a spot on the couch and if you sit on it she will just stand and make noises, no I am not joking.)
3. She raised 4 of us on a pretty tight budget and we NEVER did with out anything.
4. She is always in my corner. If I ever killed a man and said I was not guilty she would back me 100% – even if she knew I did it. (ok so that is probably EVERY mother out there) But she does always have my back.
5. The list

But I think the reason I love my mother is because she will let me ramble for hours and hours through text messages and she ALWAYS responds. Case in point, yesterday this is the conversation we had, word for word.

Me: I had a dream last night. I removed my ear drum… It like just fell out,
Mom: LOL and you think I am off.
Me: It was so real I had to wake up and check my pillow. How retarded is that?
Mom: To many drugs lol.
Me: Lol I didn’t take anything.
Mom: Lol it happened to your brother.
Me: I know.. But I didn’t take anything. I think I’m mentally unstable lol
Mom: Lol That could be too.
Me: LOL it was the oddest dream I have had in a long time. Seriously it’s not even possible for your ear drum to fall out is it?
Mom: No I don’t thinks so lol
Me: lol
Mom: Thats’ silly lol
Me: Ridiculous
Mom: but a little funny.
Me: Lol so dumb tho my ear drum, of all body parts.
Mom: Could have been your nose
Me: Or my ear.
Mom: or that too lol
ME LOL it was so dumb.

I hate to say this but these conversations happen almost every day. She has yet to commit me into an institution, even though I am pretty sure she worries about my sanity often. Add to that the fact that she continues to have the conversation with me makes her possibly the coolest mom ever.