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Zombie Apocalypse, I do believe….

I was asked the other day if I  believe in the Zombie Apocalypse.  The answer to this is Yes.  Yes I do believe in the Zombie Apocalypse, and before you go “pfft this chick has lost her friggen mind!”  Hear me out.   

I believe that one day we may be faced with the fact that the dead are re-animating and that they are living on basic animalistic instincts – which means they will be rabid, and they will be doing their thing to survive.  If it is eating brains than that means Hollywood got something right.    I am not sure how it will spread but really does it matter?  There are a million ways it could happen, drug trial gone wrong, mutated virus etc.  The possibilities are pretty much endless at this point  in time.

This is a serious conversation I had with someone, and these are their questions (in bold) and my answers (not in bold)

Do I think that we are going to have people popping out of the grave yard all decomposed and gross?  No,  not at all but I do believe that if a person is freshly dead, in a morgue or in their house they may be able to be reanimated – provided they have not had an autopsy and are not full of the crap they use to preserve bodies these days. I really do think that through time they will decompose, but after they are freshly re-animated they will look just like a normal human being. 

Will you be able to kill your loved ones if they become a zombie? Yes, without a doubt if it comes down to me surviving or me killing my already dead family member/friend, no questions asked the mother fucker is going down.

Where will you go in the event that there is an outbreak?   I am not sure where I will go, but I can tell you that I will not be going anywhere near an overpopulated urban center, that is where everyone is going to go.  I am going to get the hell out of dodge, until I find a place that I can make into a fortress.

Will you travel alone or  in a group? I would prefer to be alone, really they say strength in numbers but in this case you are only as strong as your weakest link, and if your weakest link cannot handle a weapon or contribute to a group in some way  than you will fail.  So  if anyone is going to be traveling with me they better be prepared to kill some shit, or they can gtfo.

 Now, I am not a crazy person who has my own bunker or a million years worth of supplies or anything like that but I do have a plan, and I do know how I will survive.  Just remember, when shit hits the fan, if you are a non-believer you will be wishing you had someone like me around.